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SEO Checklist before you head for a vacation

So, finally the days are drawing close and you are about to board on the flight and head for a romantic beach holiday with your other half. Sounds interesting and encouraging, but wait, are you sure that you will be able to communicate properly while relaxing in a sunbathed beach. Yup, this is the tragedy of an online marketer and since there is ay to escape this harsh reality, you need to make sure that your have created an SEO checklist before you take off.

Gmail Offline: Since you are not going to stick around in one particular place, it is unlikely that you will have access to high-speed internet connection around the clock. So, it makes sense to try Gmail Offline that will let you do all the stuff, except receiving new mails, like reading existing mails, replying to mails offline. It will put the actions in queue and once internet connection is available, all the tasks will be done automatically requiring zero intervention from your side.  Email focused experience and blazing fast response time are some of the super cool features of this app.

Battery Backup: Battery backup is one of those common issues that will plague until you reach your office cubicle once again. As you are always aware of the fact that battery backup is going to play spoilsport in your vacation, you should have extra battery and make sure that they are fully charged. However, I am not asking you stay online 24X7 but sometimes, you may never know a major problem befalls and you might have to work whole night without electricity. So, have a backup plan for emergency periods.

Adwords Editor: If you are managing Adwords accounts of multiple websites, I hope you are already aware of Adwords Editors.  It is a free and downloadable application that simplifies the way adwords campaigns are managed. All you need to do is to download all the details of your accounts, edit the campaigns offline and once you are done with you can upload the changes to Adwords and they will go live. Some of the greatest advantages of using Adwords editor are –

  • You can manage multiple accounts seamlessly
  • Perform advance searches
  • Changes can be uploaded to Adwords anytime
  • View performance statistics

Skype: Sometimes, just sending emails do not work. In those dire situations, you need to talk face to face with your fellow internet marketers to sort out an issue. And to make this happen, you need to have Skype installed in your PC.  Skype lets you talk face to face without burning a hole in your pocket. It is free but if you wish to call a number you need to buy some credit.

Google Docs: Rather than sending and receiving excel sheets, you should be using Google docs. Just create a document in Google Docs that offer all the features you can find in MS Excel or Words and then make it accessible those who you trust. Depending on the requirements, you change the Sharing Settings.

Micheal Evans is a passionate writer and social media analyst. He is a contributing author to Limorentacar.com that offers Cyprus Car Hire services.


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