March 31


Posting To Your Own Twitter Timeline

I was talking to Shane from IMImpact over email recently and he made this comment to me:

If I’m getting 50 people “retweeting” a message that I never tweeted, that’s just weird, isn’t it?

And he was right. It was pretty weird.

First I wanted to find out if other JustRetweet members would like to see this new feature as well. You may have noticed on the site this past week, that I had a Qualaroo popup asking whether or not I should implement this on the site.

I received quite a few responses overall and I saw that 47% of you wanted this feature, while 36% wanted to keep things the same. The other 17% had no idea what I was talking about.

Based on the responses I decided to go ahead with adding this and it’s now currently live on the site.

If you go to the Settings page, you will see a new option called Tweet your own submissions. If you set this to Yes, then every time you submit a tweet to the system, it will first post that tweet to your own Twitter timeline.


Once enabled your followers will be able to see that people are actually retweeting something that you actually posted.

Since there were enough people that liked the way things were, I decided not to make this the default behavior for now. So if you liked the way JustRetweet was working before, then there is no need for you to do anything.

If you have any feedback, let me know in the comments.


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    1. Hi Ileane,

      Right now, there’s no way to know (inside of JustRetweet). You’d have to be following the person to notice. Do you see that as important info to see?

      I’m currently testing the Qualaroo popup on the Submit Tweet page. Do you see the current one that’s showing up now?

      1. Yes, that would be helpful. But if it’s too much trouble, just add a little text on the page so people will know it’s not being queued.

        Also – can you add a reminder on the page where we submit the Tweet to remind us that we have it turned on or off? I quickly forgot I had it turned on and ended up double posting my own Tweet.

        Thanks Chris!!
        Ileane recently posted..Real Talk About Why So Many Blogs FailMy Profile

  1. Love it!!! So stoked about the growth and flexibility of JustRetweet!

    Now, only if we could get the pop up screen on our site to NOT be used as a default pic for our “featured” website… Any way to delay the screen capture of my site pic? Ugh! LOL

    Love JustRetweet and am so thankful to Kim Roach who told me about it in the first place!

    Have a great day. 🙂
    – Carol
    Carol Amato recently posted..How to Hyperlink a Table of Contents in Open OfficeMy Profile

  2. Hi there! I’m new and very much enjoying what you’ve got going on here. One question I have is whether or not it’s possible to arrange our RT’s not to have RT at the beginning of the tweet blurb–just the info about the tweet. Thanks and have a great day!

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