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Most Effective Tips to Grow Your Business through Social Media

Few years ago, Business through Social Media was discussion among experts but now its area has been enlarged and everyone who owns online stuff- looks social media as a great tool to grow in faster way. Public Relations, Referrals and Advertising still works as traditional way for marketing but Social Media marketing has become a core part of marketing strategies even marketer does not contain any online stuff.

In this era, People do not ask- what is Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn; now their question is “how can I grow my business through Facebook or Twitter?” so you can see how their thinking levels are growing as time changes.

Before discussion on the topic, you should know some facts regarding social media that would be helpful to grow your interest in social media marketing.

  • Every online marketers gives 6-7 hours on Facebook, you know if we consider Facebook as a country then it’ll be world’s fifth largest country.
  • Social Networking site like Facebook get traffic near Google and Yahoo.
  • About 5 million users bookmark their story on Delicious.

You can’t stop it, there are some more interesting facts- a blogger got 10 million page views through Pinterest. You are here on JustReTweet.com and many bloggers are getting awesome referral traffic from this site, just login with your Twitter account. Join Blogger Ilean Smith Fan Club on Facebook to know success story of JustReTweet. 🙂

You can’t take benefits from social media unless you have a place to engage your customers (visitors), before that you must have blog (website) as online place where you can exchange your thoughts with your customers or you might say it is called Education based Campaign that works as free stuff to attract more customers to sell your product.

If you are chemically strong then you can do better in social media marketing; you must know the property of Boron Tri-Sulphate(BS3). Huh!!! Don’t worry, I’ll teach you chemistry of Social Media Marketing but you should be keen to learn the property of the chemical formula BS3otherwise you can’t succeed in social media marketing.

Are you putting pressure on your mind?

Are you remembering all the elements of Periodic Table?

Are you thinking of Covalent Bond; between B and S3?

Oh!!! Who told you to do so? It is quite simple;BS3is four basics to grow your business through Social Media, These are- Blogging, Social Search, Social Network and Social Bookmarking.

Before our discussion on these four fundamentals of social media marketing, we should focus on another face of Search Engine Optimization regarding Social Media Marketing- it is Visitors Engagement Optimization (VEO).

Visitors Engagement Optimization (VEO) is as important as Web page Optimization because Visitors Engagement Optimization helps you to convert your visitors into users and they really enjoy your stuffs. Visitors Engagement Optimization (VEO) may include Podcast, Videos, Images, Blog, Reviews or Surveys, Social Profiles and may be your own creation which is unique from others that makes your own identity.

Let’s discuss on chemical property of social media marketing i.e., BS3

1. Blogging

You are not away from the lovely word “Blogging” and always remember search engine accept blogs as his Girl Friend because Search Engine loves blog. Lol

People generally go to Google or other search engine to get answer of their question and generally they get answer by opening so many links. In that case, you can make a place to help those kinds of people, which is called blog.

In simple sentence, Blog is defined as “a place where blogger share information and get reply for the topic as comment, which works on professionally designed software”. But now meaning of blog has been changed and Guest Blogging has been come into existence to give opportunity in front of readers to write on favorite blog; then blog can be defined as “community where everyone connected for sharing fruitful information”.

Follow these steps in Blogging as first step to know your customers:

 a.)Perfect Listener is Perfect Speaker

You should read good blogs every day; also participate in question- answer session on the blog and follow some of the good blogs in your industry that will help you to understand your customer.

 b.)Content is Lifeline

People often visit blog to get some good knowledge regarding business. Initially, you face some challenges to get visitor to your blog- in that case, you should keep patience and work harder for your readers. Write your content with recent keywords used by your customers, Give answers to the questions, solve their problems, etc. By doing so, you can achieve your goal soon.

 c.)Visitors Engagement Optimization (VEO)

As you do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to get higher page rank or building links then you should also do Visitors Engagement Optimization (VEO) to make your visitors into users. Engage your visitors on your blog by giving some freebies, videos or by asking some questions. Also ask for comments, you can make comment section more attractive by using plugins for comment like CommentLUV– it shows you are very caring for their thoughts.

You should also open your blog for Guest Bloggers who wants to write for you, it’ll help you to get more visitors from Guest Blogger side. Also Use Social Sharing Plugin to share your post on social network that would be beneficial to drive traffic to your blog.

2. Social Search

Social Search sites allow people to rate and review small business on the web. Generally, we call it “Directories” where we get many websites according to their category or tags.

Social Search sites may help you in following manner-

a.)You should be listed in all social media sites with updated profile and business information.

b.)Make list of URL; ask your customer to rate & review these URL and promote it.

c.)Try different tactic to present your review in Public to attract other customers so that they can also show their interest to write review for you.

 3. Social Networks

It is the only place where you can promote your product without any cost and also people recognize your product here. You share information regarding your product through various tactics like tagging, sharing, tweeting, re-tweeting, etc.

Facebook, Tweeter and LinkedIn are big social networks which is viral on World Wide Web. If you manage your Social account on these social networks professionally then absolutely you’ll get recommendation in your industry.

Let’s take an example to manage your Facebook account professionally:

Facebook is the only social network which is growing faster where you can easily promote your small business. It is proven that a small business is feasible on Facebook platform and its applications because Facebook offers fan page for your business which can be viewed by non-Facebook users too.

Here are few Facebook tips to grow your business:

A.     Create your Business fan page on Facebook

Create fan page of your business and customize it effectively. Put logo of your business as primary picture, Write about your business, fill address with contact number and don’t forget to mention your website address. Build Audience by inviting your friends to like this page.

B.Manage your Personal Profile Professionally

Keep Privacy in contact info; don’t share your personal contact number and personal email id to public. Make visible only to you or your family or your close friends. Fill your working place smartly and put your experience there.

C.Manage Friend List

Keep privacy in your friend list; only make it visible to you or your family. Don’t mix your personal contact with your business contact, it is better to create list for family, friends and business.

D. Manage Pictures

Turn off Photo tagging. Do you want your kicking back pictures should be seen by your business people? Your answer might be a big NO. So it is better to keep privacy of your pictures tagging, also be sure it should be visible to your family only.

E. Customize Wall post

Control unnecessary wall post by changing its privacy. You can change wall post settings by visiting your profile settings. As usual you may not want your comments, photos and updates on your friend’s activity are seen by your business contact so it is better to change wall post privacy setting.

F. Group Discussion

Join those groups on Facebook which is relevant for your business promotion and participate in discussion; also try to give reply in your own way to become attraction point among group members.

G. Be Flexible

Organize online events on Facebook and put your URL there as Venue; also give offers to invited people. Through events you can also hold various contests also you can promote your Giveaways. Share knowledge based videos with your link so that people could be eager to know more about you.

H. Make Your Fan Page Special

Share something extra to your Facebook fan page which is not on your website. Share survey report, share some facts, Articles from magazine, share videos, etc. your motive should be to give benefits to your visitors.

I. Facebook Ads

Use Facebook Ads to promote your fan page instead of selling your product. Create knowledge based campaign for Facebook users. This Ads for Awareness is really feasible and better tool to promote your business in effective manner among Facebook users.

4. Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is same as you bookmark any webpage on your internet browser. You add webpages to your bookmarking folder, which you like most or want to visit later or bookmark those webpages which is informative for you to take help from it later. This is the simple framework where bookmarking takes place on your personal computer which is limited to your home user.

Social bookmarking is same process but it is visible throughout Internet and anyone can see your bookmarked page, when they search through relevant keywords. Some of the mostly used Social Bookmarking sites are: StumbleUpon, Digg, Dilicious and Reditt. Bookmarking concept firstly came from Delicious.

Social Bookmarking sites are beneficial for all kind of professionals like Professor, Researchers, Project Leader, Professional Students and Of course for Passionate Online Marketers.

Social Bookmarking sites are best place for promoters, here are following social bookmarking tips to grow your business:

A.     Bookmark Every Pages

On bookmarking pages on Social Bookmarking sites, you get vote to your pages that help to increase your page rank. Don’t bookmark your website home page only but also you should bookmark all pages except Privacy Policy page or other support page. Always remember Google gives page rank for a single page not for website. Try to get higher page rank for your product’s page.

B.    Bookmark Every Promotional Pages

Bookmark all other pages that contain your link, like Your Hubpages, YouTube Videos, Squidoo Pages or those pages where your advertisements are running.

C.      Article Marketing

You can do Article Marketing through Social Bookmarking sites. Many people throughout the world are looking for knowledge and whole marketing works on single formula, which is “Content is King”.

 D.    Keywords

Do keyword research and submit your content by using your researched keyword, it’ll help you to get maximum votes for your submitted page.

E.      Use Twitter as Social Bookmarking Site

However Twitter is Social Networking site but it also works as Social Bookmarking site. Make followers and check how many people retweeted and shared your link. It is one of the best places to promote your business also to get high quality content.

Author Bio

Avinash Mishra is an Engineering Student,Owner of  MakeMeNoise. He mainly writes about Blogging Tips,  Make Money Online, SEO, Social Media, Gadgets & Technology, Network & Security; Also he is interested in Documentary Film making, Painting and Social Work.



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  2. As you give these tips, Some of tips are already known but those tips I don’t know I must implement in my business. Let you know Avinash if business grows ..

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    1. JRT is the best place to get twitter follower and one important thing is that bloggers are getting good referral traffic.

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