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What Is Legendary Marketer? An Unbiased Review Of The Pros & Cons

If you’re into online marketing, or are simply curious about starting, you’ve probably heard the name “Legendary Marketer” before.  This article will give you some insight into what Legendary Marketer is about from someone who’s taken part in all that they have to offer.

What is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is an online education company that teaches people how to sell online. Unlike other companies which teach you how to sell a specific product or teach a specific business model, Legendary is a one-stop-shop. Whether you’re looking to get started as an affiliate, become a full fledged course creator, or open a coaching and consulting business, Legendary has something for you.

They are able to offer such a wide range of services because they focus on teaching high level skills that can be applied to any product or industry.  It doesn’t matter if you’re selling soap, dog food, or fitness supplements, the concepts taught by Legendary can be applied to your business. Because of this high level evergreen concept approach, what you learn from Legendary will be relevant for years to come.

Legendary Marketer is run by a gentleman by the name of Dave Sharpe. Dave is a self made internet businessman who has had massive success in his 10 year online business career and he has generated over $250 Million in sales in that time.

While that figure certainly is impressive, what makes this even more unbelievable is Dave’s story. He is no superstar and his story is quite relatable to some. He is a high school drop out, a former addict, and teenage father.  As Dave says, he “made his mess his message” and turned his life around by learning how to sell things online. It’s quite an inspiring story and one that makes you feel like it’s possible to succeed once you hear it in its entirety.

Now that we know what Legendary is and who it’s run by, let’s take a look at my thoughts on what they have to offer…

The Pros: 9 Things I Like About Legendary Marketer

1: They Have Excellent Intro Offers

Legendary starts their training off with a few different intro courses geared towards different types of individuals. They understand that everyone is different and that they have different needs. To fill theses different needs, they offer 3 different introductory products:

eBook: The Insider’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing ($1.99)

Legendary Marketer eBook

This is probably the intro product Legendary is best known for and it’s not just some giveaway pamphlet. It’s a 92-page value-packed eBook that covers the basics of Affiliate Marketing.

Most people who are new to online business start as an affiliate because it has the lowest barriers to entry. You’re selling other people’s products and letting them deal with the customer service after the sale. As an affiliate, your only job is to drive clicks onto your vendors website and let them handle the rest.

This book will give you a great overview of how affiliate marketing works and will give you a clear idea of whether it’s for you or not. This book’s party piece is that it comes with both PDF and audio-book versions. There’s no excuse not to consume it.

eBook: The Copywriter’s Playbook ($1.99)

The Copywriter's Playbook

This book is a little bit more targeted. It focuses on sales copywriting and is meant to entice the more experienced marketer by focusing on a specific skill instead of marketing as a whole. It’s just as valuable as the insider’s guide and is also comes in both eBook and audio-book form.

Webinar: 15 Second Leads (TikTok Training) ($1)

15 Second Leads Legendary Marketer

TikTok is taking the world by storm as the hot new social platform to be on. It is still in its early stages and Legendary saw this as an opportunity to get out ahead of the pack. There were 4 Legendary students (I was one of them) that decided to go into uncharted territory and promote Legendary on TikTok. When we came back with staggeringly good results, Dave decided to create an entry level product to help others achieve the same results as we did.

This product will show you how to optimize your profile, come up with great content, and “stalk” your competition to make sure your audience will love what you’re putting out before you even make your first post.

2: The Affiliate Backend Is Well Developed

When promoting a program as an affiliate, stats and tracking are paramount. Not only do they track how you get paid, but they can also give you insight into what’s working or not.  Legendary has a well developed backend that allows you to track your stats without investing into dedicated tracking software. They also give you insane access to your leads rather than keeping them locked away.


Legendary gives you a number of things that other affiliate programs do not in terms of stats. They allow you to add tracking tags to your affiliate links so you can effectively track the source of your leads. If you’re running paid ads, they allow you to place your Facebook pixel or other tracking pixel directly on THEIR website. This is unheard of in the affiliate world. Normally, you would have to self host your own website to install a tracking pixel, but not with Legendary.

LM Tracking Stats
A Look Inside The Legendary Marketer Back-End Stats…

3rd party Stats Tools

There are even some cool tools people have built to view your Legendary marketer stats.  One is called LM Trends and it allows you to import the stats from your Legendary back office.  And it will show you a neat bar chart of where all your affiliates are in the challenge.

The full source code for the project is even available on GitHub.

Direct Integration With Aweber, GetResponse, Send Lane & Clickfunnels

Legendary recommends certain products in their training modules. If you’re a pro affiliate, you are able to insert YOUR affiliate links for those products into Legendary’s training! Again, something that’s unheard of. This allows you to promote a single product (Legendary) and earn commissions from up to 4 additional programs.

Legendary Marketer

Run Native Funnels Or Customize Them Yourself

Legendary is also flexible in how you promote their offer. If you’re just starting out, you can link to a funnel that is 100% done by legendary including email follow-up. If you’re experienced and have an audience that loves you, you can create your own funnel, email follow-up, and sales video and simply link to Legendary’s checkout page. This basically gives you 100% control over the sales process. This kind of flexibility to control the process 0%, 100%, or somewhere in between is really helpful for affiliates at all levels of experience.

3: Well Developed Value Ladder

The holy grail as an affiliate is finding a company that will allow you to promote a $1 product and still get paid a commission when that company makes a $9500 sale. Legendary allows exactly that.  Because of their value ladder, your sole job as an affiliate is sell introductory offers. Legendary will then upsell your customers on more expensive and valuable offers while still paying you commission on those higher priced items.

legendary marketer value ladder
The Value Ladder On The Insider’s Guide Intro Offer

4: They Are Constantly Improving

Legendary isn’t just a company that sits on its laurels. They are ALWAYS looking to get better and testing new offers. Take the TikTok webinar for example. They could have easy just said “cool” when we came back with awesome results, but instead they decided to create an entire offer around it.

They also have added a number of lower ticket products in the $19 to $99 range that focus on specific skills that people asked for. To top this all off, they recently added a “Decade in A Day” seminar to the blueprints program. In addition to the static courses, they now offer an 8 hour seminar walking you directly through the process of how to sell using Facebook ads and give you a proven, done-for-you funnel to apply what you’ve learned. The goal is to have you make your first sale in 24 hours or less.

5: Support Is Top Notch

Although I have not used them a lot, (the instructions are great) friends of mine who have used support are blown away with the response times.  You’ll have an answer within a few hours and they even have live chat during regular business hours.

6: Every New Member Takes The 15-Day Challenge

Every intro product that Legendary offers includes admission to the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge. This is where Dave gives you step by step instruction on how to build your own online business.  By sending every new member and prospective affiliate though this program it accomplishes two things.  One, everyone is on the same page and knows exactly what Legendary is all about and two, everyone is offered the high-ticket blueprint programs.

lm challenge

7: Customer For Life Program

If you’re an experienced affiliate, you know that tracking and cookies can be a nightmare. Some programs are first touch, some are last touch, and you’re never really sure whether you’ll get credit for a sale or not. Legendary has simplified this and made a “customer for life” program.

This means that once someone buys an intro offer through your link (last touch) you “own” that customer forever. If you lose contact with them and they decide to buy a high ticket program from someone else 3 years down the road, you’ll still get the commission from the sale. This eliminates a lot of confusion.

8: Weekly Marketer’s Club Replays

Legendary has a mentoring program called the Marketer’s Club which is top notch. Each week a new, relevant topic that the group may be struggling with is discussed and taught on a live webinar. As a Marketer’s Club Member, you have access to these webinars and the recordings are all archived in a folder. There is over 4500 minutes of training in this folder and it’s growing every week. This program is well worth the $1 a day to be a part of.

Legendary Marketer's Club

9: High Commissions Are Possible

As an affiliate, you’re always looking to sell high ticket programs because they’re not THAT much harder to sell than low-ticket programs, but the commissions can be 100x greater.  With Legendary Marketer, you can earn up to a $2,850 commission on the Blueprint Bundle and Coaching Program with Dave for $9,500. Now contrast that with selling a $37 product with a $28 commission on ClickBank.

What is also great about Legendary is that you do not have to enroll in the high ticket programs to earn high ticket commissions. If you’re starting out and the budget is tight, you still have the opportunity to earn those big commissions.

Legendary Marketer High Ticket Commissions
A Single Commission I Earned With Legendary

The Cons: 3 Things I Don’t Like About Legendary Marketer

While there is a ton I like about Legendary Marketer, there are a few things could be improved:

1: A Lot Of Countries Are Restricted

If you’re into online business, you know that it’s global. Your audience will be from all over the world and have many different interests. If you’re promoting Legendary, you are limited in which countries you can promote to.   Their payment processors restrict a large portion of the globe and you’re really only able to promote Legendary in North America, Europe, and Australia. Most of the other continents fall into the restricted category.

View The Whole Restricted List Here

This can be frustrating when you have a prospect who wants to sign up and can’t…

2: Pro Affiliate Program

Legendary Marketer has two affiliate programs. Standard and Pro. The standard affiliate program is free to join, but the Pro affiliate program is $29 a month to join. As a pro affiliate, you are entitled to larger commissions (60% instead of 30%) and are able to add your product affiliate links that I described above. You’re also given access to more advanced affiliate training.

It’s not something that I see often, but I guess they deem it necessary to pay such generous commissions. You also do not get a commission from this when one of your referred affiliates decides to turn Pro.

LM Pro Affiliate

3: No Guaranteed Acceptance Into The Affiliate Program

Legendary runs a tight ship when it comes to approving affiliates.  They can take a while to approve a new affiliate and there is no guarantee that you’ll be approved. They will take a look at who you are and go through your social profiles to determine if you’re someone they want representing their brand. I guess this is a necessary step to keep such a good reputation.

One way to get around this is that you can vouch for a prospective affiliate if you know them. Legendary allows you to forward them an email stating that you know the person and can verify that they are not a spammer or scammer. Legendary will most likely take you at your word if you’re an affiliate or member in good standing with them.

Parting Thoughts on Legendary Marketer

Overall, I feel that Legendary Marketer is a top notch company with a strong reputation online. Although they are selective and slightly exclusive, they take care of their affiliates and students very well. They pride themselves on their integrity and my experience thus far has proven that to be true. If you’re an affiliate looking for a great program to promote or someone looking to learn how to sell online, I recommend you check out Legendary Marketer.


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