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How Can You Get Into Guest Blogging?

Guest Posting

Guest blogging gives you great benefits beyond mere recognition. Even though you are not paid (real money) for the efforts you place for posting useful content on other blogs, it is a great way to trigger a new set of audience from different corners.

In fact, it is a great way to promote your blog as a brand. You will get new subscribers to join your list (if you funnel in the visitors from your guest post effectively).

The links generated through guest blogging will improve your blog’s SEO prominence.

Let me discuss the important facets associated with guest blogging.

How to find guest blogging opportunities?

In order to present your content on other blogs as guest posts, you should find appropriate opportunities. You can hit upon the available opportunities by searching through Google.

If your blog belongs to Smartphone appraisal niche, you can type ‘Smartphone blog’, ‘Smartphone review’, etc. You can also get a list of blogs by searching through ‘Google blog search’.

As you type the niche word in the Google search box, you can easily find blogs that belong to your niche. You should be aware of the top blogs that are well performing in your niche.

You can contact them if those blogs are inviting guest posts. This can be found by noticing ‘write for us’, ‘guest post’, etc. on these blogs.

You should contact the bloggers conveying your interest about guest posting. You can let them know about you and your current blogging success. You can also mention what you would like to share with their audience.

If the blogger is convinced of your content, you might be invited. You may also receive suggestions about the change of topic, style of presentation, etc.

As your guest blogging proposal gets accepted, you should present your best to entertain the blogger as well as the blogger’s audience.

What is expected in a guest post?

The guest post should be your best shot. You should not compromise in the presentation of quality content.

Only if you can present your best content, the readers will be interested to visit your site. You should also get another opportunity from the blogger so that you will be able to write a new guest post.

Instead of writing for a few selected blogs, you should spread guest posts on a number of blogs in your niche. As you touch a variety of blogs, you will get more effect.

It is very much important that you respond to comments posted by the audience. The engaging factor gives room to help them and you can attract them to land on your blog by continuing your visibility.

You should also include subscription options at prominent locations on the blog post. You can include at the side bar, footer and comment box.

How to trace the impact?

It is very much important to gauge the success achieved through guest posting. You can measure the success by installing tools like Google Analytics. You can understand the traffic generated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

It is possible to understand the traffic patterns. As you trace the kinds of posts that are generating traffic, you can contribute more of the same kind.

You can enjoy your guest blogging journey as you will be able to generate traffic through the new links created for your site. You can also pocket a substantial number of subscribers from the whole guest blogging scenario.

Jane shares the elements of successful blogging at her blog Problogging Success. She has recently started Best Autoresponder Tips to hand you the coolest and handy autoresponder tips and email marketing strategies.


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  1. These are extremely wonderful tips. Thanks Jane. I have been shying away from guest blogging cos I don’t write that much but this post seem to have boosted my confidence in giving more attention to my writing skill. I’m sure to start getting the benefits of guest blogging soon as I’m already on trying to get into a writing spree. Kudos Jane.
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