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How automated link building process may harm your blog

Once automated link building was a very popular strategy to rank a blog in higher position of search engines. Still some people use this method to build backlinks to their websites/blogs. Especially new bloggers are always searching for easy methods to promote their blogs. They are looking for quick results. What they need is huge amount of traffic within a day or two just after starting a blog. As we all know, to get a higher traffic we need to drive traffic through search engines. In other words, to get considerable amount of traffic, you need to bring up your blog in SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

The process of indexing a blog on Search engines

It takes some time to index a blog in search engines. Usually it takes weeks to months. That is because of the search engine bots take time to notice that particular blog exists on web. There after those bots crawl the pages of that particular blog. Then they index those pages in the right category of search engines.

But the new bloggers can’t wait till it happen. They always need quick results. They need traffic increase day by day. So what they are doing is searching for tips to increase their traffic. They will find different methods such as guest posting, forum posting, blog commenting, backlink building, directory submission and etc. Within few days they understood all those tricks do a one thing. That is all those methods ultimately build backlinks to their sites. Then what they do is easy to think, isn’t it? They search for methods to build backlinks.

Accepted methods of backlink generation

By searching on Google and any other search engines, those new bloggers will find several methods of link building. Among then some are accepted and some are unaccepted (according to search engine’s advice).  Accepted methods are easily recognizable. Usually all the manual methods can be considered as accepted link building methods or white hat SEO. All the automated processes are considered as unaccepted methods or spamming methods.

What is Spamming?

Spamming is sending the same message indiscriminately to large amount of recipient at the same time on web. Most of the automated processes make same message and send it all over the web in order to make huge number of backlinks to a particular page. So those unnecessary data will be distributed throughout the web repeatedly.

How Search engines respond to Spams?

Almost all the search engines hate spams. Their target is to minimize the spams on web. What they are seeking is to provide the highest quality content to the reader. As a result they will neglect spam blogs. Sometimes they even blacklist that web address or the link.

How automated link submission programs involve in this process?

Most of the automated programs are using a title, description, keywords and a URL to complete their submissions. Once you filled those requirements, they will send your information to the different site within few minutes. All those different sites will bear the same title, description, keyword and URL. They build these repeated copies within minutes. Once Search Engine bots goes through those links, they will recognize they are not natural links. Google likes and provide priority to natural links. These unnatural links will be penalized by search engines. At the same time they will detect repeated content everywhere on web. This duplicate content will be neglected by search engines. Because of these the ranking of your blog will go down on SERP. Simply, you will lose traffic to your blog instead of getting traffic to your blog.

Not only they neglect, sometimes they ban and de-index those spamming websites. It is not that easy to re-index those de-indexed websites on Google. So there is no point of keeping a blog which is de-indexed by search engines.

How to prevent this?

As I earlier mentioned Google and other search engines love natural links. So never use automated processes as a part of link building strategy. Do it manually. And read more articles on ongoing link building strategies disclosed by top bloggers.Currently most of the webmasters use manual methods for link building instead of automated link submission tools.

Now I think you have some idea on how automated link building process affects your blog’s future. My advice is not to use any of the automated process to make links for your blog. Just use acceptable methods such as commenting on other blogs, guest posting on niche blogs, forum posting, yahoo answering, manual directory submission and etc. The above mentioned accepted methods also have unaccepted versions. As an example manual directory submission is considered as accepted but the automated directory submission can’t be considered as accepted method of link building. So my advice is to always use accepted manual method of link building rather than going in to automated processes.

Different people got different opinion on same topic. You may have a different opinion on this topic too. We always respect your opinion. So please let us know your opinion as a comment for this post. Then we can have a good discussion on this topic.


Authors Bio:

This article is a contribution of Sajith Dissanayake, the admin and an independent blogger who is blogging on blogging tips, SEO tips, AdSense tips and Web traffic building at Techblaster.NET.


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  1. Hey nice article since I believe Natural Link Building deeply. Many beginner bloggers are using software to increase backlinks with one click, they feel the short-term results and later they are dying very fast. Long-term success can be only achieved by natural link building. Once again this is a nice article and well-explained.

    Shyam @ScorpionGod Lair recently posted..11 Ways to Tuneup Twitter Account While Getting Huge Exposure and TrafficMy Profile

  2. You’re so right, it’s a lot easier to just automate link requests or buy links, but it’s not worth it! Legitimate link building takes a lot of time and energy but it’s a huge long-term investment in the success of your site.

  3. Wonderful post Sajith, I have to hold my hands up and admit that I use to use automated link building methods many years ago, but when it wasn’t an issue, these days I tend to just stick to three methods, guest posting, article marketing and blog commenting to build natural links.
    Fabrizio recently posted..Print Marketing Versus The InternetMy Profile

  4. I for one got hit by Google Panda and Penguin on a couple of my sites. I was not using automated backlinking, but I know a number of folks that got slammed. You really have to do stuff organically now. Thanks for the article!


  5. Hi Sajith i m egree with u & shyam that bloggers are using software to increase backlinks with one click, they feel the short-term results and later they are dying very fast but its not easily to know who is really commented on your blog or who doesn’t. So that after google penguin update Google spam these blogs which have more inbound & outbound links.

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