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Deadly Online marketing sins that you must not commit

No, these sins will not make you and your business rot in Hell for time eternal. Of course, they will not but they can make your business land on a wasteland whose entrance may have these words on it – “Abandon All Hope Who Enters here”.  Wondering what these sins could be and how you are supposed to steer clear of them. Let me help you see the world of Internet marketing in a whole new way.

Delay: If you continue delaying the projects and other important business decisions, you are just driving your business to a disaster.  Surprisingly enough, you will have enough time to chat with your sweethearts or checking updates in Facebook but when it comes to taking some important business decisions, you grew cold feet. Suddenly, you feel that the work pressure is just unbearable. But the reality says just the opposite. To put it in simple words, you are just too lazy to do anything of your own. So, unless you do not wish to see your business lies in tatters, you need to pull your socks up and get ready for some serious actions. Try to jot down ideas as soon as they strike you. Designate a fixed time on your blog and limit the amount of time you spent on social networking sites. Do these and you will feel great.

Busy Bee: Everyone loves to show how busy he or she is. But the very first thing that we do when we all hit our office cubicle is opening our Facebook account and checking the updates of others. Some even go a step further; they tend to have their email or Facebook account open when they are working on some serious business projects. Try to reduce these distractions as far as possible. Just get the work done and you have the enough time for social dramas.

Black Belt SEO: It is quite common with newbie business owners to try short cuts. In fact, I had personally tried almost everything that came in my way or I found promising just to realize the bitter truth that shortcuts do not necessarily lead to success. What I believe is that if you work earnestly and hard, success is just a matter of time. So, do not wish to be another SEO black belt or SEO ninja. Rather be a simple dude like Rand Fishkin and try to do simple work in simple way. No need to show your smartness where it is not needed.

Versatile: Everyone around believes that he/she is a highly talented. I have nothing against if you are a genius but it would be great if you can concentrate on a signal theme rather than getting distracted with so many different varieties. By doing this, you can easily gain authority on the subject and this will help you build a faithful band of followers.

You are Awesome:  Ok, you believe that you are awesome, that is great but this should be reflected by others. And the best way you can make people talk good thing about you is by coming up with great posts. Though great posts are all about inspirations, there are some rules of thumb that I need to share –

Title should be interesting and engaging
Starting paragraph should have some twists to encourage the readers
Add some funny elements in it so that readers find the write-up interesting enough to share with others

Use related images as they make the write-up less boring

Encourage the readers to perform an action at the end of the article.

Fear of Fall: Do not fear from learning something new and interesting. Since you are living in the online world, changes will come thick and fast and you need to adapt to them. So, brace new challenges and never ever fear to face something new no matter how tough it may appear. Believe me tough work has its own rewards.

Automate Everything: The idea of automating all your works sounds so pleasing to ears. But the truth is that you cannot automate all your works as quality will take a sharp nosedive. I am telling you in simple English that these automated software do not work. You can semi automate your work but never ever think of a complete replacement of yours. That would be a very bad thing if it even ever happens.

Michael Evans is a passionate writer and he is a social media analyst. He is a contributing author to Site2You 


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