June 20


Block Users and Scheduled Tweet Limits

I spent this past week making some new updates to JustRetweet, so I wanted to write a brief post describing a few of the features that just went live.

Blocking users – I’ve now added the ability for you to block certain members in your account. What this means is that you will not see a blocked user’s submissions on your Dashboard and they will not be able to see your tweets on theirs.

To access this feature, go to your ‘Settings’ tab and click on the new ‘Block Settings’ menu option. This will take you to a page where you can type in the name of the users you would like to block.

Change your mind? Then just click on the ‘x’ next to the username you want to unblock.

Block Settings - JustRetweet

Scheduled Tweet limits – What was happening was that for some members who promote a lot of content on the site, their tweets were getting scheduled way into the future…sometimes more than a month later. This was causing complaints from members who were not seeing their content getting posted as expected.

I’ve now set a limit so that accounts can only promote up to 1 days worth of tweets in advance. I realize a few members might be unhappy with this change, but I feel this needs to happen to keep things fair for everyone.

Real link tooltips – Just a minor tweak, but I think it’s useful. If you hover over any link in your Dashboard, you will now be able to see the actual link url in the tooltip. A lot of submitted tweets use various url shorteners for their links, so this is an easy way to see the actual url of any tweet.


I’m hoping these changes will help create a better user experience for everyone. Have any comments or feedback? Please let me know in the comments.


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  1. So glad to see these changes. It appears you are really thinking about how to make JustRetweet better for the users. I hate seeing a post shared weeks later whne the info in the post is NOT as relevant as it was when originally posted.

    Blocking people is a time saver for me. In the past I have just skipped people that ALWAYS share low quality stuff that would not be valuable to my followers.

    Thank you for the hard work!
    Mark recently posted..More About the Jump in Home Builder ConfidenceMy Profile

  2. Hi Chris,

    User Blocking and links tooltips are definitely a great add to the system. I still could not understand what the change in ‘Scheduled tweets limit’ going to effect us? Does it mean that we can submit only one tweet per day or all of our submissions will finish tweeting on the very day?
    Suresh Khanal recently posted..Grow Up! Become Smart BloggerMy Profile

    1. Hi Suresh. I should have clarified in my post better. This scheduled tweet limit applies only to the number of tweets that you are promoting (and queuing up) on the site. It’s not related to any submission limits.

      Previously you could promote unlimited tweets on the site. With the new changes, now you can only promote up to one days worth of tweets. The actual number of promotions depends on your Tweet Interval time. At the default 15 min, this means you can queue up approximately 96 total tweets at a time to promote. At a 2hr tweet interval, you can queue up 12 tweets at one time.

      This means that whenever you submit a tweet on JustRetweet, and it gets promoted by another member, you can be sure it will go out on their Timeline within 24 hours of them promoting it.

      Hope that makes more sense.

  3. Excellent changes – thank you. I’ve been somewhat irritated when retweets have appeared weeks after I originally listed them, when they were no longer relevant. Personally I wouldn’t mind if the limit was extended to two or even three days, but it definitely shouldn’t be any longer than that.

    The facility to block users is good as well. An additional suggestion would be to have some method for filtering out users who are only offering one or two credits for a retweet – that’s taking the p*** really.
    Nick Daws recently posted..Kindle Video Hurricane ReviewMy Profile

  4. Hi Chris,

    Have you tried to set the schedule limit for upto a week? I’ve checked other networks and it looks like they allow scheduling for upto 1 week and a tweet span of 20 mins. Meaning the system send out 1 tweet per user account every 20 mins and is set to schedule post for upto 5 days.

    Just a suggestion.
    Eddie Gear recently posted..[Income Report] August 2013 EarningsMy Profile

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