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6 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

I started my first blog when I was 11 years old and till date I’ve noticed a tremendous change in this field. If you’d been blogging for more than 5 or more years, you might have already known, how simple it is to get good results at that time when compared to these days. There were no animals like Panda and Penguin to punish bloggers, Google Adsense had just started and it had no strict policies. It was not a tough time for bloggers and today, blogging is hugely spread and for every niche, millions of blogs had started and been blogging. People have understood the advantages of blogging and so its now a profession to many of the pro bloggers.

No matter if the competition is getting tighter, you should have your own blog. Though there are some hurdles that block your path, don’t get discouraged too much. Get some inspiration and start competing for the top most rank. But why should you start a blog?

You’ll Be A Better Writer

As blogging is all about writing and expressing your views to people, you’ll gradually start writing better and better. You’ll get more knowledge on usage of language and you’ll get to know different people who express their feelings in different ways. So as your words will start showing power, you can naturally start communicating with people at ease. Soft skills which these professionals actually say, you’re already good at it.

Blogging is a platform that stands between you and a reader. With your readers, you can inspire a lot of readers online. When you write something for a cause, people might start doing something good just because of your words. Remember, these aren’t just words; write for a good cause and see the result.

You’ll Be A Better Reader

For people I say, I’m a reader rather than a writer. I’d been blogging for a year and till date I’d read more than forty books and thousands of blog posts. The ratio of my writing to reading can be said at 1:10. Believe me, the more you read the better you can write. Personally, whenever I feel like not doing anything, I usually read a book which makes me feel better. Each writer has a specialty of his own. Some give you knowledge and encourages you to learn more and even more. This enthusiastic feeling of reading gives you a vast database of knowledge.

You’re A Star

For the millions of bloggers, you’re just another blogger and for the billions of audience, you’re a star. They read your blog; you’re doing something which they’re not. When your blog starts getting good traffic, you’ll gradually have a network of readers or fans, you can call them. They might be loving your articles but it’s you who’s actually behind that article.

You’ll Have A Network

All through my journey in blogging, I’ve met hundreds of passionate bloggers and at least I see a couple of new bloggers who come up to do their best. You’ll meet several new friends and other bloggers who’re just like you. You’ll have a better community of friends around the globe.

It Pays You

This is actually the reason behind the rising number of bloggers. When people are earning millions working from their home. Why can’t you? You aren’t supposed to do overtime to earn a better income. Your income rises gradually with your experience. There are a lot of ad networks that pays you to post their ads on your site. And for professional bloggers, there are a lot of other ways too; you can write paid/sponsored posts and sell ad spots on your website for hundreds of dollars.

It’ll Bring You A Better Business

BamidileOnibalusi of YoungPrePro.com had earned more than $50,000 from his freelance writing projects after starting his blog, he wrote. Having a blog can get you a lot of exposure and so you’ll get few more business projects for you. Have a blog of a niche in which you’re good at. Like if you’re a designer, have a design related blog. This can help you earn better and for your business, you’re going to the next level.


6 reason to start a blog, blogging tips

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  1. For some Blogging is all about money, for some it is all about writing.
    With Blogging the best benefit comes is that you make your online presence and it pays you in long run 🙂

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