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5 On-Site Blog Factors That Can Ruin a Weight Loss Blog

I have been involved in promoting a weight loss blog for the last few months, where myself and some experts in the weight loss arena promote reputable diet plans like Medifast and Nutrisystem – apparently popular in the USA. What has impressed me the most while reading articles prepared by some of my colleagues is that there are certain ‘killer’ actions that prevent the readership of a weight loss website from growing and expanding. In this article, I would like to highlight some practices that should be avoided at all costs to prevent damaging your potential growth. They apply to weight loss blogs and most blogs of other niches. Here we go:

  1. Poor content

Content is the key factor in creating a successful weight loss blog.  If you are not focused on adding value to your reader’s lives and truly helping them with their diet and weight issues, you will not retain your readers or gain the subscriptions you need to survive online.

  • Check your content for errors
  • Ensure it is valuable and related to weight loss
  • Consider the tone of your posts; is it friendly and conversational as opposed to lecture style?
  • Use basic English and avoid using complicated jargon or language.

If you have not been doing this to date, it can still be corrected; rewrite your original posts and create new content using this approach.  Your blog is an extension of you and your values; ensure this is apparent as you write. Think of it as writing to a close friend, be friendly, truthful, kind and provide the information that satisfies their needs.

  1. Over advertising

If you place too many advertisements on your weight loss blog and your readers are bombarded with products and services, instead of valuable content, they very quickly move on.  Create content that is meaningful and beneficial to those interested in diet and weight loss information and maintain a healthy balance with your ad placements.

  1. Too many images and videos

Another potential downfall can be the over use of audio and video content as it decreases the loading time of your weight loss blog, creating another deterrent to readers staying and discovering what your blog is about.

  1. Poor Aesthetics

First impressions are important and when visitors arrive at your weight loss blog, it is essential that they like the look and feel, so they continue to browse your diet advice content and products.  It is essential that your blog is easy on the eye with properly designed themes, colour and layout.  Consider the message you want to convey and the tone you want to set. Is your blog professional or amateurish? Ask a trusted source, or internet marketing forum, for constructive feedback and act on this advice to ensure you are achieving what you set out to do.

  1. Overuse of Pop-Ups

Many people, including myself, feel that pop-ups are extremely intrusive when reading a blog. They are likened to unwanted sales representatives arriving at the door, yet even they have the courtesy to knock first.  Pop-ups are the intrusive and cause many people to exit the site immediately regardless of the content.

What do you find annoying?

What other things you do find annoying in a blog that you visit for first time that may put you off from going back again? Take the chance and share your opinion with our readers?

Michael Evans is a passionate blogger and he has contributed different articles on weightloss blog. He has also reviewed some weight loss coupons like medifast coupon code 2012nutrisystem coupon codes etc. He is currently associated with weightlossdiets4women.com .


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