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3 Big Lies about Making Money Online Through a Weight Loss Blog

The weight loss and diet market is a multi-billion dollar industry. We are at a point in our society in which virtually all people encounter at least one point in their lives in which they want to lose weight or get healthier through diet. This means that the vast majority of them turn to the weight loss industry for guidance, advice, and products. Creating a weight loss blog is a great way to get in on a huge market, and potentially make a comfortable living.

Unfortunately there are many scammers out there just ready to take advantage of people trying to make money online. It seems everywhere you turn there is a promise of making big money in moments or offering some secret system that ensures you can be your own boss and make more money that you could ever imagine with only a few minutes of work per day.

Never let yourself fall for these scams in your zeal to make the weight loss industry work for you. There are plenty of legitimate opportunities for you to make money with your weight loss blog, so be wary and don’t let yourself get taken by one of the much too good to be true offers out there.

Below you will find some of the most common lies that scammers tell to get their hands on your money.

Make Money with Only the Click of a Button!

Take a step back and think about this one. If it was that easy for a weight loss blog to be profitable only by clicking a button a few times, don’t you think that every person who could type would be making millions? Though it sounds crazy when you think of it this way, logic tends to go by the wayside when you are presented with some sort of revolutionary secret or money-making system that promises you will be rolling in money if you only follow the easy steps—and of course, pay for the information.

Do not let this time of nonsense fool you! Enjoying wealth requires dedication and hard work, and probably several failures along the way. Your weight loss blog won’t be successful because of some mysterious system. You must put your effort and talent into building your blog and earning money. If someone is telling you that they can teach you how to make large sums of money ridiculously quickly, they are only trying to grab your money and run.

You Don’t Need Any Experience!

To become truly successful at something you need to practice and learn. Think about learning to drive. Did you just get behind the wheel of your first car and take off with all the skill and ability that you have now? Probably not. This example only illuminates the importance of experience. Obviously when you first start something you will have no experience, but if you someone is telling you that you can be super successful at a brand new concept tomorrow just by following their system, they are attempting only to appeal to the laziness in all of us.

Succeeding at marketing through your weight loss blog is going to take time and effort. Each day of experience that you get will teach you something—and that includes your failures. As you build your blog you will grow and learn, and take steps toward success.

The Website of Dreams

You may have heard that all you need to do is create a weight loss blog that has an impressive name and all the latest features in order to make money. Does this sound like a movie you’ve seen? Unfortunately, just building your blog will not make the readers come, or spontaneously cause conversions. You need to develop a blog that offers valuable insights into the diet and weight loss industry, learn and implement effective optimization techniques, and actively draw in traffic before you can expect to start making any money.

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  1. Michael I absolutely love this article you are so so honest here this not only applies to weight loss this also applies to any business when it comes to making money online & building a business through blogging.

    They tell you that you’re going to make a $1,000 in 30 days & to sign up for and pay a big monthly fee when you haven’t made any money or signed anyone up yet & the sad part about it is after the people that have signed up come down to reality & realize that there is a learning curve in anything you do & that you must consistently work hard & have patience while building up credibility is when you’ll really start to see a Return On Your Investment, usually by then is when people are ready to call it QUITS!
    Toshiba Burton recently posted..4 Surefire Ways On How You May Be Ruining Your Credibility & 4 Tips On How To Prevent ItMy Profile

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