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JustRetweet Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is JustRetweet?

    JustRetweet is a social sharing platform that will help you get more Retweets, Facebook Likes and Google PlusOnes to your blog posts by allowing other members to promote your content using our credit system. There's no question that Twitter/Facebook/Google+ can provide more social proof to your content and drive more traffic. Especially if you are publishing great, quality content.

    The effect is two-fold: You not only get more exposure to your content, but will also likely gain new Twitter followers as a result.

    We do NOT send any autotweets and we do NOT force any autofollows.

  • Why Use JustRetweet?

    • Getting started is fast, easy and free.
    • Get more social proof, exposure and traffic to your content by getting retweets/likes/plusones from real bloggers.
    • Active users of the site will automatically gain more followers.
    • Build relationships with other bloggers by sharing their content with your followers.
    • Fully moderated to limit spam.
  • How Does It Work?

    Just signin with your Twitter account. Earn credits by retweeting, liking, or give out +1s from retweets submitted by other members. When you have earned enough credits, then you can submit your own retweets into the system and have other members start promoting YOUR content.

    Here's how to get started:

    1. Go to JustRetweet.com and log in using Twitter. That will give you 100 credits.
    2. Activity Summary allows you to see at a glance who retweeted what you have shared, who followed you, and how your credits have been spent.
    3. Go back to the Dashboard and earn credits by promoting other member's tweets.
    4. Submit your own content by clicking on the Submit Tweet tab.
  • How Do I Request Retweets?

    1. Log into your JustRetweet account.
    2. Choose Submit Tweets from the menu.
    3. Type in your tweet. Your tweet should contain a link to your content and DO NOT include your Twitter username as it is automatically added for you.
    4. Choose how many credits you will offer for users to promote your tweet. The more credits you offer, the more likely other members will retweet it.
    5. Choose how many times you want your tweet promoted.
    6. Pick an appropriate category for your tweet.
  • Why Are My Tweets Being Moderated?

    When you first signup to JustRetweet, your account status will automatically be set to Moderated. This means that any tweet that you submit will not go live on the site until one of our moderators reviews it. If your tweet is approved, then your account will be set to Active and all your future tweets will go live on the site immediately.

    Before submitting your first tweet, be sure to review our content guidelines to ensure that your tweet will be approved.

  • What Type Of Content Can I Promote?

    JustRetweet is primarily intended for bloggers and marketers to promote their blog posts. However, we do not allow anything overly promotional, low quality, or irrelevant to be submitted. This includes:

    • Any sales or squeeze pages.
    • Direct affiliate links.
    • Direct home page links.
    • E-commerce pages.
    • Press releases.
    • Ad stuffed pages.
    • Any content we deem as low quality or spammy.

    Links must fit into a relevant category that JustRetweet supports. Local links in general will not be accepted as they are not relevant to the majority of our members.

    If you post any of the above content, it will be disabled and not shown on the site. Repeated infractions will cause your account to be moderated which means that none of your future submissions will appear live on the site.

  • What Categories Does JustRetweet Support?

    JustRetweet is currently targeted towards marketing and business bloggers and will only accept tweets in these relevant categories.

    Here is a list of categories we explictly DO NOT allow on the site:

    Dating, Relationships, Health, Beauty, Diet/Fitness, Pets, Payday Loans, Insurance, Travel, Celebrities, Music.

  • What Rules Are There For Promoting Retweets?

    Deleting or modifying tweets that you promote is strictly prohibited. Consistent reversing of any Likes or Plus One's of any content you have promoted through JustRetweet is also not allowed.

    Repeated infractions will result in account suspension.

  • What Rules Are There For Submitting Retweets?

    • You may only submit 3 total tweets in the past 24 hours.
    • All tweets must contain a url.
    • The same url may not be submitted more than once in the past 24 hours.
  • How Do I Get The Most Out Of JustRetweet?

    1. If you put in a minimum follower account with your Retweet request, only Twitter users with that many followers will see it. Play around with this value and see what works for you. Often times Twitter users with lower numbers of followers can still have plenty of influence.
    2. Share only your very best content. Remember, you are getting retweets from REAL bloggers. No matter how many credits you offer, if your content is poor, then nobody will retweet it.
    3. Share other people's content. This is a great way to build relationships with other more prominent twitter user's in your niche.
    4. Visit any links before promoting them. This allows you to make sure that you are not promoting anything sketchy to your followers.
    5. If you really like someone's content then also leave a comment on their post. This is a fantastic way to engage with other members of the JustRetweet community.
    6. Include RELATED hashtags (and additional @usernames if applicable).
  • Can I Use Multiple Twitter Accounts With JustRetweet?

    Yes, you may sign up with multiple Twitter accounts on JustRetweet. However, if you do so you must keep in mind the following 2 rules:

    1. Do not post tweets to the same url within a 24 hour period with multiple accounts.
    2. You can only use one account to promote any specific tweet on the site.
    3. Each account must have a different Twitter avatar.

    Not following these 3 rules will result in account moderation or suspension.

  • What Are The Benefits Of Becoming A Featured Member?

    Featured members get more exposure to their profiles and tweets in a variety of ways. First, featured member profiles get shown in prime areas on the site which leads to more followers. Also, any tweets submitted by Featured members will be highlighted to distinguish their tweets from non-featured members. And lastly, Featured members' tweets will always be rotated in the first position, ensuring maximum exposure to members of the site.

    Sign in to the site and go to the Buy Credits tab to see what Feature and Credit packages we offer.

  • Is There A JustRetweet Affiliate Program?

    Yes we do! The JustRetweet Affiliate program is available to all non-moderated members on the site. We offer 30% commissions for any sales you make for any of our Featured or Credit packages. We also use a lifetime cookie so you can possibly make multiple sales with just one referral! Sign in to the site and click on the Affiliate program tab for details.

    Have questions? Just contact us or send a regular tweet to @JustRetweet

    Please note that JustRetweet is not affiliated or partnered with Twitter for any of its services.