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Step 1 - Sign Up

Sign up and link your Twitter account to JustRetweet.

Once you signup, get 100 bonus credits.

Step 2 - Post Your Tweets

Members earn credits when they retweet or like your tweet.

Assign more credits to your message and attract more users to retweet it.

Step 3 - Get More Followers

Spend your credits to get people to follow your Twitter account.

The more credits you assign, the more followers you get!


Spam Reports

We want a complete spam-free community and you can help us get it. We are kicking out spammers.

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Why Signup?

Since the launch of JustRetweet, many bloggers have seen the benefits of joining the site. Take a look at the testimonials from a few of the prominent bloggers who are using the site to spread their message on Twitter and get more traffic to their blogs.

  • Where Just Retweet excels is the viral power of getting your tweets ReTweeted and for me, since using Just ReTweet, my RTs have gone a lot further than they previously did.
    Karen Woodham
  • I am finding good value in leveraging JustRetweet for sharing key articles. I found it so valuable I put money into the system to buy credits and earned my money back within just a few weeks.
    Justin Germino
  • The reason that Just Retweet stands on top right now is because the spam is held to a minimum mostly because there are several well known and established bloggers who are power users of the site.
    Dan Keller
  • When you share your best content on JustRetweet you are putting it in front of top bloggers who are highly likely to read and comment in your post and then possibly review it on StumbleUpon or submit it to BizSugar or Pinterest or Digg or jump into your discussion about it on G+ or Facebook.
    Gail Gardner

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