July 18


Social Media Marketing Lies that can cost your small business

How you are supposed to identify a social media marketing expert? You are most likely to see at the number of twitter followers he has or number of fans of his facebook page. It may sound a sane approach to some, but what I personally believe is that it is a flawed technique employed by even veteran professionals to determine the person in question is an expert in social media or not. Facebook Like exchange platforms, Twitter exchange etc try any of them and you will realize how easy it is to fake a huge fan followers. Do not believe in any such number game. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Lies are quite common and that means, if you are not aware of them, you are sure to break the bank of your small business.

Comment is the Most Important Metrics: Social media experts like to use circumlocution. I have never got a straightforward answer from them in my life. They always use euphuism or jargons that go over my head all the time and I decide not to ask any more question for the fear of being laboring under heavy terms. However, if you dare to do that you are likely to get answer like this –  “Your Content has to be above the average”, “Social Media is all about Connecting with targeted audience” or something like this – “Be Human”. Now, just ask them to explain their stance and you will see that they fumbling or making all kind of excuse. Now, if you happen to interact with a smart dude, he is most likely to say you that drawing comments or making people interact in the social channel is the toughest thing on earth. Believe it or not, encouraging interaction in social media channel is the easiest thing on earth that you can do. All you need to do is make people aware of the platform and that it.

You Should Be Everywhere: Do not be jealous of your competitors just because they have accounts in innumerable social media sites. It is proven that you simply cannot manage more than 3 accounts. So, if anyone is suggesting you create different social media sites, is just making a fool of you. Maintaining your social media accounts in more than five is an outrageous idea as this will bleed you dry and make you waste your valuable time either communicating with audience, answering comments or arguing with an irate customer. Do not make this happen. Social media promotion contrary to what people believe is not free. It takes a lot of hard work and money. Rather than promoting yourself over social media sites, you can easily pass it off on others by coming up with great blog post or a great tool that people would love to share.

It is All About Management: Social media professional always try to show off how busy they are but the reality is quite different. They believe or rather what they say is that social media marketing is all about managing social channels and this is time consuming. Do not waste your time and energy on things vague like this. Rather you should be focusing on cross marketing your service or products that will pay you off in the long run.

 Hopefully, now you can see the truth and will be able to forge a solid marketing strategy for your small business.

Michael Evans is a passionate blogger and he is closely associated with  Globalserve.com.cy that helps in Cyprus Taxation.


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  1. Thanks for these useful tips. The social media marketing experts can actually take you for a ride. It makes sense to manage three accounts on social media networks and not more than that. It is the quality which is more important than quantity.

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