Once automated link building was a very popular strategy to rank a blog in higher position of search engines. Still some people use this method to build backlinks to their websites/blogs. Especially new bloggers are always searching for easy methods to promote their blogs. They are looking for quick results. What they need is huge […]


Most times, you don’t know if you are doing a good job with the project at hand unless someone tells you. The same goes if the result was a bad one- in this case, you get a negative review and sometimes it can be extreme. As a business, your customers determine whether you make sales […]


Many bloggers tend to rely heavily on website appearance and on-site SEO to increase their site’s popularity and organic traffic flow. While this is a great way to start, it’s often not enough to gain thousands of readers a day. If you’re serious about your blog’s success, then you’ll have to get backlinks to gain […]


There is nothing else that stops anyone from becoming entrepreneurs except fear. In the world of entrepreneurialism, fear is a huge hindrance to success. Fear is what stops us in our tracks when we should be moving forward. It magnifies risk, giving you the picture of an overwhelming obstacle. Worst of all, it still keeps […]


Over the past few years, mobile technology has rapidly evolved from being just a two way communication device to an all-in-one technological gadget with navigation, embedded web browsing, instant messaging, gaming and a load of other features. Presently, not having a mobile device would make one feel cut-off from civilization and the rest of the […]


If you’re planning to earn money online using blogging you’ve come to the right place. You might well have heard stories of people earn millions on blogging and rags to riches stories from here and there. Well, part of the story is true while the hard work behind is tremendous. Not everybody can become a […]


Share your JustRetweet Testimonial

In the short time since Valentine launched JustRetweet, many bloggers have seen the benefits of joining the site. Take a look at the testimonials from a few of the prominent bloggers who are using JustRetweet to spread their message on Twitter and get more traffic to their blogs: In JustRetweet Keeps Twitter Sharing Simple, freelance […]


Top 150 Business Tools For Smb

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  “A genius without a tool may be (or is) a fool” as a business owner you probably needs tools that enhance your online presence and anyone who says their business “runs itself” probably needs to go back and cross check very well. Below are the business productivity and organizational tools that I find to […]


Depending on your type of business, most businesses usually have lots of operations. For some, handling all these operations effectively can become tiresome or almost impossible. And when your business does not run smoothly, it could lead to a decline in sales or patronage. This is where outsourcing comes in. Almost every operation in a […]

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As a small business, one of your greatest goals should be getting more customers/clients. If it’s not this, then what else would you want? More customers mean more money for your business which in turn increases your business’ lifespan. As you know, the only way to grow your customer base is to give them value […]