How you are supposed to identify a social media marketing expert? You are most likely to see at the number of twitter followers he has or number of fans of his facebook page. It may sound a sane approach to some, but what I personally believe is that it is a flawed technique employed by […]

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Few years ago, Business through Social Media was discussion among experts but now its area has been enlarged and everyone who owns online stuff- looks social media as a great tool to grow in faster way. Public Relations, Referrals and Advertising still works as traditional way for marketing but Social Media marketing has become a […]


No, these sins will not make you and your business rot in Hell for time eternal. Of course, they will not but they can make your business land on a wasteland whose entrance may have these words on it – “Abandon All Hope Who Enters here”.  Wondering what these sins could be and how you […]


I started my first blog when I was 11 years old and till date I’ve noticed a tremendous change in this field. If you’d been blogging for more than 5 or more years, you might have already known, how simple it is to get good results at that time when compared to these days. There […]

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The Entrepreneur and Change

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Change is inevitable and sometimes, it comes unannounced. It has caught so many small businesses unawares and it’s so powerful that it can crush businesses that take it for granted. How often do you take it for granted? Economic recession has become the new normal today. Employees lose their jobs, incomes decline, industrial production slows […]


SMB Blogging Contest

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Since over 2 years of blogging online, I decided to participate in this competition because it gives me an opportunity to connect with influential bloggers, build relationships, and gain knowledge from some of the most respectful small business owners who are dedicated to the success of other entrepreneurs. Please I would like everyone to help […]


The fast-paced growth in the mobile phone technology has caused an enormous change in the field of web development. Gone are the days when mobile phones were merely used to make phone calls. The current era of phones provide the convenience of browsing the internet in addition to making phone calls at the click of […]

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Bloody hell! My eyes are aching but the project needs to be delivered today. Sounds familiar? Yup, those of you who are making a living out their writing passion, is this is a common situation  that we face almost every day and the worse part of it, there is no getting away from it. Since […]

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I have been involved in promoting a weight loss blog for the last few months, where myself and some experts in the weight loss arena promote reputable diet plans like Medifast and Nutrisystem – apparently popular in the USA. What has impressed me the most while reading articles prepared by some of my colleagues is […]


Nobody wants to be dubbed as a spammer, because it sucks to be a spammer and it makes you feel bad. But the only problem is that you can still be deemed as a social media spammer even when you are not aware of it all. Social media spammer does not necessarily be a guy […]