I love the fact that JustRetweet has a core, loyal set of of users who use the site regularly to help promote their content. And I am really thankful for all of you who have taken the time to spread the word about JustRetweet through numerous blog posts, tweets and emails. That’s why, over the […]


I’m really excited to announce the addition of Google +1 integration to JustRetweet. Now you can use the site to get more Retweets, Facebook Likes and Google +1’s. Here is how it currently works. Now when you go to the Submit Tweet page, there is a new setting called Select which Social Networks to allow. […]


It was a fine morning and I was having a great time with my dog – Neptune. The world seemed to be perfect and then I decided to check the status of my website by login to Google Webmaster tools and lol, seemed like the world started crumbling down to pieces. 10,000 errors I found. […]


Content marketing is the new poster boy of online marketing. In fact, a successful online marketing campaign is unthinkable without robust and compelling content. It is good for the customers because they are likely to get well researched information without spending a penny and it is good for the advertiser as well, because it helps […]

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Guest Posting

Guest blogging gives you great benefits beyond mere recognition. Even though you are not paid (real money) for the efforts you place for posting useful content on other blogs, it is a great way to trigger a new set of audience from different corners. In fact, it is a great way to promote your blog […]


Hi everyone. I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Chris and I am now in charge of running JustRetweet.com. We just added some great new features today to the site, and this is only the beginning! Our plan is to make JustRetweet.com the best place for you to earn more social buzz for your […]


The weight loss and diet market is a multi-billion dollar industry. We are at a point in our society in which virtually all people encounter at least one point in their lives in which they want to lose weight or get healthier through diet. This means that the vast majority of them turn to the […]

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So, finally the days are drawing close and you are about to board on the flight and head for a romantic beach holiday with your other half. Sounds interesting and encouraging, but wait, are you sure that you will be able to communicate properly while relaxing in a sunbathed beach. Yup, this is the tragedy […]


How you are supposed to identify a social media marketing expert? You are most likely to see at the number of twitter followers he has or number of fans of his facebook page. It may sound a sane approach to some, but what I personally believe is that it is a flawed technique employed by […]

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Few years ago, Business through Social Media was discussion among experts but now its area has been enlarged and everyone who owns online stuff- looks social media as a great tool to grow in faster way. Public Relations, Referrals and Advertising still works as traditional way for marketing but Social Media marketing has become a […]