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Over the past couple of weeks or so, I’ve been pretty busy trying to revamp certain areas of the site. I still have some more work to do, but I wanted to summarize some of the recent changes for you guys.

New Activity Summary page – This replaces the old Credit Summary page which some members told me was very hard to read before. Now you can more easily keep track of all the activity that is happening with your account. You can also filter by time period and by specific activities (Retweets, Likes, PlusOnes, and Follows) as well.

JustRetweet Activity Summary

Updated Account Settings – I’ve now merged all the tabs from the old settings page into one single page. I also added a new Tweet Interval setting which you can set on this page. This lets you control how often tweets that you promote on the site go live on your timeline.

Previously, tweets you scheduled on Justretweet went out every 15 minutes and some members were worried that promoting too many tweets would look spammy to their followers. Now you can have tweets posted up to every 2 hrs if you like.

JustRetweet Account Settings

See How Your Tweets Are Doing – I’ve changed the way we display your submitted tweet history in the Submit Tweet page. Now you can see exactly how many Tweets, Likes and PlusOne’s each individual tweet has gotten.

Submitted Tweets

Redesigned Twitter Followers page – The old Twitter followers page was pretty uninspired as it just showed the last logged in users to the site. I’ve now given the page a face-lift and made it easier to find some more interesting members to follow on the site. I’ve added categories like Top Promoters and Top Submitters which rewards the most active users on the site with some extra visibility.

Get More Twitter Followers

Queuing Multiple Tweets – Before when you posted multiple tweets at a time, they would all go out at once. Now your first tweet goes live on the site immediately, but subsequent tweets go live every 2 hrs.

This should let your tweets get exposed to a wider variety of our members who login at different times of the day. Also, every active user on the site can now post 3 tweets per day.

More Accurate Character Count – It turns out, the JustRetweet character counter was actually way off because it wasn’t taking into account the fact that Twitter automatically shortens all urls. So when submitting your tweets into the system, you weren’t getting your full allotment of 140 characters. Thanks to this post though, I’ve fixed this issue.

Have any opinions of the new changes? What other things would you like to see added to JustRetweet? Let me know in the comments below.

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