August 25


JustRetweet Twitter API access reinstated

I’m happy to announce that JustRetweet is now back to normal (almost).

A few hours ago, I received an email from Twitter support saying:

Hello @justretweet,

Thank you for reaching out. We have reviewed your request and have reactivated your API key. Going forward, carefully ensure that your application adheres to Twitter’s policies:

  • Developer Agreement and Policy
  • Automation Rules Best Practices
  • Developer Display Requirements
  • Twitter Rules

Please note, applications found to be violating policy again are subject to permanent suspension.

How did I get JustRetweet’s API access back?

Well fortunately, the Twitter Platform Operations team was actually fairly responsive to my emails. After my first email reply, they told me that JustRetweet’s API key had been restricted due to violations of the Twitter Automation Rules.

The one specific example they cited was:

Automated Following & Unfollowing – following or unfollowing user accounts in a bulk or automated manner is not allowed.

While JustRetweet never explicitly allowed bulk or automated following or unfollowing of users on the site, it was possible to manually follow hundreds of users from our Twitter Followers page to earn credits.

We never had imposed any limits to following, so I can see how this functionality might be used for excessive following and trigger a flag with our usage of the API.

The Current Solution

I’ve never really considered the “follow for credits” aspect of JustRetweet to be a major feature of the site. It was just there from the beginning so I left it as is.

To get JustRetweet reinstated, I took out the ability to follow users for credits on the site. You will notice that there is no longer any explicit follow button underneath any member’s avatar as there used to be, and I’ve also taken out the Twitter Followers tab.

After making the changes and submitting my reconsideration request, I received a response 5 hours later stating that JustRetweet’s full API access had been reinstated.


Final Thoughts

Thankfully, JustRetweet is basically back to normal now. Everyone should now be able to schedule tweets to earn credits again.

Thanks to everyone for their patience over the past few days, while we worked to get everything sorted out.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues.


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