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Infographic Promotion: 5 Methods for Social Media and Blogs

Infographics are a marketer’s best friend. What’s even better is that most online users love infographics as well. The choice is obvious when it comes to consuming content and information online… would you rather read a ton of text, or quickly glance through an infographic loaded with design, colors and quick stats to get the point across.

Exactly, I would prefer infographics every time as well!

What’s also great about infographics is that they allow for site owners, brands and businesses to effectively promote themselves in new and exciting ways that simply aren’t possible through regular text content. In the section below I’m going to give you a few suggestions on how you can start using infographics to further promote your brand online, while also focusing on social media and blog outreach.

Infographic Marketing

5 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness with Infographics

Follow these five simple steps to get even more out of your infographic marketing and outreach.

1 – Post Your Infographic to Your Site and Make it Shareable

Once you’ve had an infographic created, the first thing you should do is post it to your site for everyone to see. At the same time, you are also going to want to include a nice 1,000+ word article to go along with it. As people come across your content, you also want to make it easy for them to share. To do this, simply add social sharing buttons to your site, and don’t forget to add an embed code for other site owners to publish your infographic on their site as well.

2 – Convert Your Infographic into a Video for YouTube

Infographics in ‘graphic’ form are excellent, but if that’s the only medium you are looking at — you are still missing out.

Video is all of the buzz these days. If you aren’t converting your infographics into video¬†you are missing out on a huge opportunity. The process of transforming your infographic into a video can be as simple as taking a video of your infographic and talking through each data points it covers. Another option is to hire an infographic or video design group that can bring your existing infographic and animation to life.

3 – Use Social Networks to Promote Your Infographic to the Masses

If you look at top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, we are talking about having access to over three billion users — a good percentage of this audience would love to see and share your infographic. This is why it’s important to make sure you have easy to use social sharing buttons on all of your sites and blog posts.

Be sure to promote all of your content and infographics through social media, while also making sure you are creating customize featured images for each. Refer to this social media image size cheat sheet to see what sizes you should be created for each social platform.

4 – Start an Aggressive Outreach Campaign through Other Relevant Sites

If you want to rank higher in the search results and reach new audiences, you absolutely need to build up your backlinks and have authority sites recommending your content. This is one of the most time consuming and difficults parts of online marketing, but it is a must for all brands.

A great way to accomplish this is by contacting other sites within your industry and seeing if they would like to post your content to their site or add it to their resources section. To make this process easier for them and more effective, you should also offer to provide them with original content for their sites as well.

For anyone who is going to try this method, don’t be discouraged when you get denied a lot. This is simply a numbers game — the more sites you contact, the more links you will get.

5 – Build Your Authority and Expertise with Guest Blogging

Writing content and getting exposure on your own sites is great, but if that’s the only place you are focusing your efforts on then you are missing out big time. There are a ton of sites that offer guest blogging to their audience. The way this works is simple; you find these sites, contact them about publishing content, give them really great stuff, then promote it and repeat the process. As a contributor on these other sites, you can easily reference your infographic content whenever it fits in and applies. Best of all, this can all be done for free!

If you want to get the most out of your infographic, be sure to implement each of the recommended tips below. Remember, it’s easy to create an infographic… but you need to put in the necessary outreach and marketing to get it out there for the world to see.


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