Influence of Mobile Technology Over Web Development

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The fast-paced growth in the mobile phone technology has caused an enormous change in the field of web development. Gone are the days when mobile phones were merely used to make phone calls. The current era of phones provide the convenience of browsing the internet in addition to making phone calls at the click of the button. This advancement in mobile phone technology has greatly influenced the online businesses. If you run an online business and looking to win a prominent place in the web, then it is vital for you to learn the cause and effects of mobile technology on web development. The following summary will help you understand why the mobile technology is a game changer in the field of web development.

Upsurge in the Use of Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet is definitely on the rise. If you step out, you can see at least 7 out of 10 people sliding their fingers through their mobile phone. This is a valid proof that people have started to access the digital world right from their phone.

Computers and Laptops Have Taken a Backseat

The modern smart phones and Internet phones have replaced the need for computers. The is because the mobile phones are not only easy to carry, but also provide instant access to the internet. People have started to read news, check emails, run a Google search right from their phone. This clearly shows the growing need of mobile phones in the world wide web. No matter whether its a business-user or a home-maker, almost people from all sectors prefer to browser from their cell phones because of its smaller size and ease of use. The comprehensive network coverage is also another reason for the growth of mobile Internet.

Online Businesses with Mobile Websites Generate Big Bucks

The increase in the use of mobile internet has brought in the need for mobile website. Online businesses that have mobile website have been proven to be successful. On the other hand, the prospective businesses that failed to implement mobile website are experiencing a potential setback in their business. For example, even a million dollar business will get no where if it fails to implement a mobile website. So, if you want to boost your online business, then it is important to create a place for your business in the mobile world. Creating a mobile website can increase the number of visitors to your website and thereby help you maximize the profits out of your online business.

Increase in the Traffic to Mobile Websites

Since more users have started to use Internet over phone, the traffic to the mobile websites are on the peek than the regular websites. This in turn increases the search engine ranking of mobile websites. So, if you want to give a lift to your online business, then creating a mobile website is something you got to do for sure.

Usability of the Mobile Website Determines the Success of an Online Business

The interface of a website is what that determines the success of a mobile website. An easy to use interface is what that will keep customers on mobile websites for a longer time. For example, too many pop-ups, complicated navigation tools, too many advertisement videos can turn out to be a failure in the mobile websites. Since the mobile phones are smaller, too many keys have to be pressed to navigate between screens. So, it is not worth using the traditional web design for the mobile phones. A mobile website has to be concise and sleek in order to be successful. One of the best ways to build a good mobile website is to observe the successful mobile websites in the market. Get to know what your competitors are doing when it comes to mobile businesses. Also, make sure to test the usability of your website before you implement it. This will help you to get started with building a user-friendly mobile website.

Need for Keeping up With the Growing Telephone Technologies

Since the mobile phone technologies are advancing very quickly, it is important to constantly improve your website to fit all the upcoming mobile phones and smart phone devices. No wonder, there is a new phone technology in the market every day. So, if you wish to make your mobile website a success, then you have to constantly work with the growing technologies.

The substantial surge in mobile internet usage, advent of new Smart phones and rise of mobile apps for social networking sites are the 3 vital factors that has caused a great revolution in the field of web development. So, leap forward, keep in pace with the mobile world to make your online business a Success!


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Lakshmi Balu July 13, 2012 at 10:10 am

Mobile phones are pretty much a part of all the business verticals and this era of mobile technologies has proved great income from these ubiquitous connecting devices. The revenue generation has surpasses even the old traditional mass communication channels like newspapers, magazines, TV or radios. Smartphone has definitely opened the gates for cloud computing and SAAS principles in the business and corporate worlds.


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