December 16


How to Use Social Profiles to Dominate Search Results

There’s a good chance that you are using your Facebook and Twitter profiles every day, but are you really using them to your full advantage? The good thing about these mega social networking sites is that they rank extremely well in the search results and it doesn’t take much for them to rank well for your business or personal name as well.

When someone searches for your name in Google, what do they find? Hopefully they see your blog or web site as the number one ranking… then a stream of other social profiles and articles relating to you and your business. This is one of the best ways for you to protect your brand and reputation online.

How to Use Social Media

I recently wrote an article on about how you can dominate the whole first page of the search results with your own content, sites and social profiles. Here’s an example of what someone should see when they search for your name of brand in the search results.

  1. Main Web site
  2. Brand blog
  3. Google+ Page
  4. Facebook Fan Page
  5. Twitter Account
  6. LinkedIn Profile
  7. YouTube Account
  8. Profile
  9. Pinterest Account
  10. Syndicated News Article

Here are some points to help you gain a first page ranking like the setup above.

  • Create a blog if you haven’t already. Blogs are the best way to create real time content that people can read and share. It’s also a great way to build your brand and also list all of your social profiles in one place. Your blog should definitely rank at the top of the search results for your name or brand.
  • Connect all of your social profiles together. When possible, try and link your social pages with each other so you can have link juice flowing between your accounts. Also be sure to tweet out and share your social profiles through other networks to get some link juice going.
  • Use your real name or username on all networks. When people are looking for you on the major social networks, they are probably going to search for your real name or the blog name that you are known for. Try to use the same username across all networks to make it easy for people to find you.
  • Rank other sites that you guest blog on. Another great way to gain main page rankings is to help promote other sites that you have written guest blog posts on. Focus on your best articles and blogs that are already established with a high PageRank and Alexa score as these will be easier to rank.

Follow these easy to implement methods and depending on the competition of your personal or business name, you should be able to quickly dominate the first page of the search results with your own content!


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