How To Take Care Of Your Eyes When You Are Blogging Like Hell

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Bloody hell! My eyes are aching but the project needs to be delivered today. Sounds familiar? Yup, those of you who are making a living out their writing passion, is this is a common situation  that we face almost every day and the worse part of it, there is no getting away from it. Since we have to sit in front the laptop, stare at it all the day and write so many different articles, you cannot simply pass the blame to your eyes for being non-cooperative. You have been killing it all day long with steady contact with the bright computer screen and therefore, it is now screaming for some attention. Now, believe me, taking care of your eyes while blogging is not that tough. However, there are some rules involved and I can swear that these rules have got not to do with your prospect of being the greatest blogger of your time (no pun intended). Here I am going to give a short account of what you can easily do without forcing yourself out of your blogging career:

Adjust the Monitor: Most of the bloggers share this vice that I am going to narrate here. They love to blog all day long and they have an obsession to keep the notebook on their lap rather than on the desk. Bloggers may find this cool and might even help speed up the project; its long-term impact can be severe. Since the screen of the laptop is within 10 inches, your eyes will get tired soon and you might feel haziness while staring for long at the screen. You can easily keep your eyes in good health by positioning the monitor properly. Try to position the monitor 20 to 30 inches away from the eyes, as this will reduce pressure on them. And make sure that the top of the monitor should be at the eye level.

Change or Turn off the Lights: Sometimes, bad lights cause irritation in the eyes. So, if the monitor adjustment is not working for you, you should make sure that florescent light are turned off, at least while you are blogging. Experiment with desk lamp that gives out indirect light to the screen, which will have soothing effects on the eyes.

Brightness of the Monitor: Some people are of the opinion that monitor brightness should not be set maximum as it can cause dry eyes.  You should adjust the monitor brightness and contrast ratio until your eyes feel relaxed. Once you find the right combination stick to it.

Twenty-twenty Rule: This rule is usually advised by most eye specialists to keep your vision in good condition. All you got to do is to look at some distant objects preferably 20 feet away every 20 minutes while blogging. In simple English, you have to take a break from blogging job every 20 minutes and look at objects located at 20 feet distance. However, this may sound simple to others but for a blogger, this is an uphill task. They simply cannot put their writing at rest exactly at every 20 minutes. But say thanks to your lucky star, there are some cool tools available that can simplify this task to a great extent. Break Taker for PCs and Time Out for Mac are some of the coolest applications available that will remind you exactly after a certain period of time to rest your eyes.

Wear Glasses: Backlight coming from your monitors, natural light etc can cause irritation to eyes when working for a prolonged period. So, we suggest wearing anti-glare or ant-reflective glasses that will go a long way protecting your eyes from the bad lights coming from all sorts of sources. Personally, wearing anti-reflective glasses helped me a lot warding off bad lights causing strain in my eyes.

Proper Set Up: Since you are blogging like anything else, you should not put excessive pressure on your eyes by making it adjusting to the different brightness and distance level. Do place keyboard, reading materials and the monitor at the same level so that your eyes do not need to adjust them with different distances all the time.

Do some Exercise: There are some simple exercises that you can follow and the good news, they will not take much of your productive hours. Try this small one – blink your eyes and then close the eyes for a few seconds. Then roll your eyes clockwise and anti clockwise. Do this small exercise twice a day and your eyes will be in safe hands.

Now, never ever rub your eyes. Now, if you still face the same kind of irritation and burning sensation even after trying the above tricks, you should consult with an eye specialist.

Michael Evans is a passionate blogger and he is a contributing author of Bloggerjet,  that gives cool blog marketing tips.

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Marck J July 3, 2012 at 6:47 am

I’ve read somewhere that green color relaxes the eye. So what I did was I bought some nature theme posters and pin them behind my monitor and I think it worked.


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