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The Affiliate Triad Review: 12 Ways It Will Help You Crush It As An Affiliate

If you’ve been around affiliate marketing for any amount of time, you’ve noticed that there seems to be a secret club that all of the top marketers belong to.  They all seem to know about the big product launches before anyone else, they always seem to be on the top of every leaderboard, and they always seem to be collaborating with each other. It can be frustrating to watch sometimes.

Now allow me to let you in on a secret. That secret group does exist and it’s called the Affiliate Triad and it’s run by none other than Jason Fladlien.

I happen to be a member of this “secret” group and in this article, I’ll talk about the things I like about it as well as a few things I don’t. Towards the end, I’ll even show you how to get in so stick around.

Who Is Jason Fladlien and What Is the Affiliate Triad?

The $100 Million Dollar Man

Jason Fladlien is the mastermind behind the Affiliate Triad and he is an affiliate marketing heavyweight.  He’s known as the $100 Million Webinar Man and he earned that nickname by winning the Amazing Selling Machine affiliate contest 7 times in a row! In fact, he earned $9.8 Million in affiliate commissions when he won the 5th time. To show just how much he crushed his competition, 2nd place earned just under $2 Million during that launch.

After winning the competition 7 times in a row, EVERYONE was asking how he did it. Until recently, it was always a secret…

A Network of Top Affiliates

Jason was able to crush every competition he entered because he figured out how to leverage other people’s audiences. The Affiliate Triad is centered around the concept of “outsourcing” your traffic generation to other people. Jason is a conversion expert and his sales funnels perform better than pretty much anyone else’s.  However, his sales were hitting a bottleneck because he only has so many people on his email list and he can only spend so much on paid ads.

To combat this, he built a network of experienced affiliates, each with their own separate audiences, to promote his funnels for him. In exchange for driving traffic to his funnels, he would split the affiliate commission, usually a large one, with his “partners.” By doing this, he effectively 10x’ed his traffic generation abilities overnight.

This concept of partnering and outsourcing is what the Affiliate Triad is all about.

How The Affiliate Triad Program Itself Works

In the Affiliate Triad program, Jason will first reach out to high ticket info product owners or course creators (or vice versa) every month and negotiate a deal with them. This deal is usually the exclusive right to promote that product, so only Affiliate Triad members will get the chance to promote it.

Jason then creates all of the marketing materials front-to-back. He creates the landing pages, sales funnels, email follow up, does the webinar, etc. He then packages everything up and gives it to his Triad members to drive traffic to. The members then drive traffic from their own audiences to Jason’s funnel and split the affiliate commissions with him.

If done right, it’s a really simple and effective way to grow VERY QUICKLY as an affiliate.

What I Like About The Affiliate Triad Program

#1  – It Provides “Done-For-You” Funnels for High Ticket Offers

Done For You & High Ticket. Those words in the same sentence are the Holy Grail of affiliate marketing. I bet you can’t find another program that offers that.

Besides just taking advantage of the DFY campaigns, you also get a great education on how different funnel structures work. Here are some examples:

One month, Jason ran a landing page that opted into a Facebook group for a 7 Day Challenge that pitched the product at the end of the challenge. In another month, Jason created a simple landing page that led to a webinar funnel.

#2 – Email Follow-Up Is Also “Done-For-You”

Not only is the funnel DFY, but the email follow-up sequence is too. You just simply load the emails that Jason writes into your autoresponder and you’re done. He even goes so far as to include recommended email frequencies and optimal sending times.

This is great for launch offers because launches usually require an existing audience and email is the best way to leverage an existing audience.

#3 – “Done-For-You” Bonuses

Bonuses are a great way to increase your conversion rates as an affiliate because bonuses are what separate you from the 100 other affiliates promoting the same offer. The problem with bonuses is that they are very hard to come up with and create. The Affiliate Triad program solves this program by giving you bonuses created by Jason.

Jason is famous for the insane bonus offers he puts together. For example, in one program he put together a private consulting group for people who took advantage of the offer, and for the other program, he offered reseller rights to his own products. This meant that you could resell his stuff and keep 100% of the profits for yourself.

#4 – The Guarantees Are Spot On

Jason does everything he can to ensure that his Triad members succeed in promoting the programs he chooses. He wants prospects taking action which is why he had both the QuadWin guarantee and the 200% money-back guarantee on recent promotions.

The 200% money-back guarantee is pretty self-explanatory. It’s just like a normal money-back guarantee, but you’ll get double your money back if you’re not satisfied.  The QuadWin guarantee was a little bit more complex. Somehow he able to guarantee that you’d not only make your investment back but guaranteed that you’d make 4x your investment back. Don’t ask me how he did it, the dude’s a wizard.

#5 – The Affiliate Triad Has An Awesome Community

Affiliate Marketing, especially in the high-ticket world, can be soul-crushing work at times. You’re being told ‘NO’ more often than ‘YES’ and if you don’t have a community around you, it can be really easy to get discouraged.  Affiliate Triad has an amazing community on Slack where everyone shares their best practices and program updates are shared with the group.

Where this community really shines though is in the mentorship it offers. Affiliate Triad has a group of master marketers that keep their own office hours & live Q&A sessions just like college professors. If you’re stuck on something, they can help.

#6  – Top Notch Support

Jason’s business partner, Will, practically lives on the slack channel and will answer almost any question thrown at him in a moment’s notice. However, in the off-chance he isn’t live, there is a dedicated RapidCrush (Jason’s Company) support person available that has your best interests in mind.

#7 – There Are Surprise Bonuses For Affiliate Triad Members

Jason really wants his Affiliate Triad members to succeed. Because of this deep-seeded desire, he’ll periodically throw in High Ticket info products to help his members for free. The first month I was there, he dropped “The Wholesale Formula,” a $2500 course on Amazon FBA, on everyone just because. The next month, we were surprised with resell rights to Jason’s eBook “Double Your Productivity” along with a funnel so we could promote it to our email list. Last month, we were blessed with free access to the $997 course “Product eClass.” This is a course that teaches you how to develop your own info product in a short amount of time.

In addition to these high-value courses, we’re given nurturing, “just because” email swipes to send to our lists periodically.  These emails ensure that people stay subscribed and ready to buy our products.

#8 – We’re Encouraged To Recruit Partners

Just like Jason is partnering with us to leverage our networks, he encourages us to take the program a level deeper and recruit partnerships of our own. This way we can 10x our own efforts just like Jason did and really supercharge our earnings. There are a few key benefits to this:

Affiliate triad offers are exclusive, so there isn’t much competition when promoting them. It’s not like you’re recruiting people to promote ClickFunnels and there are 100,000 other affiliates doing the same thing. This level of exclusivity gives your own partner program some serious appeal to other marketers.

When recruiting partners, you have the freedom to set your own commission splits and it’s your own responsibility to pay your affiliate partners. Because of this responsibility, you’ll need to build up a certain level of trust with your partners if you want this to work. You can’t go pitching people cold on your partner program.

#9 – The Have an Amazing Affiliate Program

What good would an affiliate partnership be without an affiliate program of its own right? The Affiliate Triad costs members $347/mo and you get paid a recurring 40% commission for every new member that you refer. Over time, the membership cost will increase and when it does, so does your commission so it’s a pretty sweet deal. If you’re already wanting to join, you can sign up here:

>>Join The Affiliate Triad Program<<<

#10 – Kartra Reimbursement

Jason builds and hosts his funnels on Kartra and it behooves you to get on Kartra as well. As an Affiliate Triad member, you’re reimbursed for your Kartra membership (up to $99/mo) for the first 12 months. Reimbursements are done twice a year and you simply upload your receipt and wait for an ACH deposit in return.

#11 – You Get FREE Access To The Product That You’re Promoting

This is quite possibly worth the price of admission by itself. Each month, you’re given a product to promote that’s no less (and often more) than $997.  Jason negotiates a clause in his affiliate agreements that his Triad members get review access for free. Sometimes you get lifetime access (like in my 1st and 3rd months) and sometimes it’s just for the launch period (like my second).

Either way, this aspect alone gives you no less than $12,000 worth of info products per year for $4,164. Even if you never made a sale and just leveraged the free stuff you’d still come out ahead.

#12 – The Training is Endless

In the interest of keeping his partners on their “A” game, Jason will do a lot of pop-up training sessions during a promotion. He’ll give you his thoughts on how best to promote the offer and how he thinks things will convert. Sometimes you’ll get a video, but most of the time you’ll get an audio file.

Will also conducts formal training sessions for each promotion. He reviews the complete promotion guide outlining the offer and then does a webinar walking you through the whole process.

Things About The Affiliate Triad Program That I’m Not So Fond Of

#1 – The Products Are Mostly Launches

Launches are both a blessing and a curse. They are great because there typically is very low competition and they convert well if the product owner has built up a lot of pressure in the marketplace. However, they often require an existing list to promote and that fact alone locks out a lot of newbies from the opportunity.

Launches are also quite chaotic. They only last for a few days and you need to have the process nailed or you’ll miss the promotion window entirely. Launches wait for no one and if you’re busy or forget about it, oh well.

The one silver lining though is that launch promotions can sometimes turn evergreen.  My third month’s promotion was just like that. We were given a launch window to promote it and then after two weeks had passed, an evergreen offer had opened up.

#2 – You Promote The Product You’re Told. Period.

As an Affiliate Triad member, you have ZERO control over the products that you promote.  Jason handpicks the offer and it’s up to you whether or not you want to promote it. Granted, Jason knows what he’s doing and hasn’t missed with an offer yet, but it would be nice to have a say in the offer every once in a while. When you get an offer you’re not too keen on promoting, it almost feels like a wasted month.

My Parting Thoughts & Recommendations

Overall, I feel that the Affiliate Triad is a great program for the newish or experienced affiliate marketer looking to quickly scale their business. The only time I would recommend a pass on this program would be if you were someone that likes 100% control of the process and couldn’t be bothered with the chaotic nature of launches. If you’re looking to take things at a casual pace and are a perfectionist, then this isn’t the program for you.

However, if you are keen on running massive amounts of traffic, but are lacking in your funnel building or conversion skills, this program is tailor-made for you.  If you’re looking to promote hot, new, exclusive programs handpicked by one of the industry greats, this is also for you. If you’re looking to get better at affiliate marketing and make a few dollars along the way, you should consider joining the program.

Speaking of joining the Affiliate Triad program, here’s a link to join:

>>Join The Affiliate Triad Program<<<

Hope This Helps…


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