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5 Awesome Ways to Build Links to Your Blog and Boost your Google Rankings

Many bloggers tend to rely heavily on website appearance and on-site SEO to increase their site’s popularity and organic traffic flow. While this is a great way to start, it’s often not enough to gain thousands of readers a day. If you’re serious about your blog’s success, then you’ll have to get backlinks to gain additional exposure on Google’s search engine rankings.

There are other popular search engines out there like Yahoo or Bing, but Google still remains top dog, dominating the competition immensely. Google began and continues to judge website’s significance on its search engine based predominantly on the amount of quality links pointing back to it, coining the phrase, “backlinks”.

You can get these backlinks through various methods of viral campaigning and traditional link building. So here are 5 awesome ways to build quality links to your blog.

Write Incredible “Wow” Content

The overall amount of quality links you can grab from writing great content may have decreased over the years because of social sharing sites like Twitter, Reddit, and StumbleUpon. But this still remains the single most highly recommended and effective way to boost search engine rankings. Google tries its best to be a “for the people, by the people” kind of search engine, focusing on the buzz and organic popularity of a site or blog post above anything else. So how do you get these people to start talking about your blog? Give them something to talk about!

The definition of “Wow”content differs from person to person, for the simple fact that people have different tastes. But regardless of the niche, you should be providing either:

1.        Great Entertainment
2.        Highly useful information
3.        Breaking news

When it comes down to it, people on the internet want to either react to something,learn something, or know something before anyone else. Provide one of these in your subject area and you’ll have the basic framework for a great, engaging post that will attract all of the backlink goodies.

Leave Some Comments!

Search engines typically don’t give much weight to links from comment sections,(mostly due to all the spammers with their Ukrainian pr0n links and $15 iPadgiveaways). Even though commenting on different blogs related to your niche won’tget you many quality direct links, it could serve as a fantastic indirect backlink method. If you regularly comment on a blog and build a good reputation with that community, there is more of a chance that the owner of the site would link to your blog when you ask them. Just as long as your link is relevant to the topic and is providing some of that “Wow” Content.
Try Writing a Guest Post

Guest posts are an excellent way to get more traffic from relevant sites. You’ll get quality links that have customized anchor text right around the SEO keywords you want to rank for on Google. Basically, well rounded, high ranking blog sites are willing to give you a backlink in the author byline of a guest post in exchange for writing great content for them. It’ll give you exposure to relevant viewers receiving fantastic content while driving traffic of the host blog. Everybody wins.

Web 2.0

It’s not exactly the prettiest way to get traffic, but hey, sometimes you have to get your hands dirty to rank higher on Google. Web 2.0 involves using free content websites like Hubpages, Weebly, and Squidoo to link back to your blog. The original idea behind them was to create a place where bloggers could post their content without having to buy a domain or have a web host. All you have to do is sign up, and write.
So all you have to do is sign up, and write content that includes hyperlinks that lead back to your site. Some people might disagree with this method, as it has inspired a whole new generation of spam, so please, try and write valuable content that includes that a few links where relevant. This will attract more organic readers while building a solid, quality link back to your site. It’s tedious, but it

Find out Where Successful Blogs Get Their Backlinks Figure out which websites (related to the subject of your blog) are ranking well and find out where they are getting their links from. Go to Google and type in: link: URL -site:domain.  Where “URL” stands for the full link address, such as usbmemorydirect.com , and domain stands for the domain name, as in usbmemorydirect.com. The results will show all the sites, forums, web 2.0, and blogs that are linking back to them. This is a great way to look for new back-linking strategies and figure out your next move, because if it worked for them, it’ll most likely work for you too.


Build Links to Your Blog

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  1. These are great tips Vincent. With all the recent changes the way we now get backlinks to websites has changed it. It amazes me that I still get emails from folks that want to do a link exchange and their site is not even relevant to any of mine. I haven’t tried Squidoo in a while, I may do a revisit of that one.
    Lisa recently posted..Can Social Media Heal Your Scars?My Profile

  2. Thanks for the comment Lisa. You make a good point that, as search engine algorithms change and the industry adopts new strategies and protocols, it’s important to stay up-to-date about how to get backlinks.

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